Borne Technologies Private Limited, established and having its head quarters in Coimbatore, Tamil Nadu is a mechanical engineering company having its operations based in Tamil Nadu. Our company is committed towards the manufacturing Special Purpose Machines for various industrial applications. “Spurring Excellence” being the motto, Quality and Innovation forms the core working principles of the organization. With a strong Social agenda to promote Food Safety and Food Security, the company took shape as a Food Processing Machineries manufacturer with technologies extending from the farm to the intermediate/value added end product.

Borne Technologies has been born out of a desire to create engineering solutions. Cutting edge technology, thought and technique create smart, pragmatic innovations for everyday applications.Smart food processing is a key focus for us. We believe that ancient grains like sorghum and millet are the food of choice for tomorrow, yet conventional processing methods do no justice to their enormous nutritive potential.

Our innovative technology, high quality materials, & thoughtful design is capable of processing a variety of alternative grains, pulses and cereals while retaining the maximum nutrients possible.
Our Mission
To Provide the best solution to process millets.
Our Vision
Energy efficient, Quality and Simple technologies available for anyone.
Our Philosophy
Our goal is simple: to maintain as much nutrition in the grain as possible.

Quality Policy

Trusted, not rusted

Our machines are corrosion resistant and manufactured using food grade stainless steel 304 only. This ensures that rust does not form and hamper the performance of the machine.

You're in control

Our control mechanisms are designed to be reliable and not break down. They have a pneumatic and electronic feed control and an electronically controlled agitator.


High throughput rates and a lower percentage of breakage, ensures that the grains remain whole, retaining their maximum nutritional value

Optimal Output

Our machines are energy efficient, consuming minimum power to deliver maximum results

Hardy hardware and hussle free

Our machines are designed to be durable and easy to maintain.

Less mess, no stress

Our machines are designed in such a way that they are non-polluting, contribute zero waste to the environment, and operate smoothly, keeping the surrounding environment neat and clean

One size fits all

Our machines are uniquely designed to be suitable for all cereal, pulse & millet processing. Instead of running different lines for different grains, you can run a variety of cereals, pulses and millets on the same processing unit

No waste of space

Compact and streamlined, you can process multiple grains with a single unit, thus saving yourself several square meters of floor space.

Aligned with your vision

Our machines can be used either as single units in conjunction with your own existing machines or use an entire line of our food grain processors

Service with a smile

We believe in creating a long-lasting relationship of pre and post sales service, information, education, quality, and functionality that will make you smile forever.