Our Team
Subalakshmi Sankaranarayanan
Based between Europe and the Indian Subcontinent, Subhalakshmi Sankarayanan has travelled across the world. From the innermost parts of the African continent, to South America and across Asia, she is constantly honing her eye for ancient culture and how it can be adapted to address the concerns of a contemporary lifestyle. Always fascinated by flora and fauna, she is particularly intrigued by indigenous food culture. She takes every opportunity to learn about the nuances of traditional nutrition and agricultural methods from different parts of the world, to create a series of smart solutions and intelligent innovations in agriculture and engineering, which have a socially responsible ethos and a sustainable impact on society.
Vignesh Raam Ankuraj
Managing Director
Vignesh Raam Ankuraj is a mechanical engineer, who is also qualified as an inspector of non-destructive technologies. He began his career at Larsen & Toubro India, a multi-national corporation, where he honed his passion for engineering innovation. His interest in sustainability and technology, has lead to the birth of Borne Technologies, to drive engineering innovation from end to end across the value chain, in various areas including agriculture and food processing.